Dwi Kashiwagi Ft. Gumi - I Will Be Do It (Type A)

from by Dwi Kashiwagi Ft. Gumi Ft. Cyber Diva Ft. Luka Ft. SeeU Ft. UNI



Track 05 of Damnation Power (Type A)
(English Version)


I implore forgave me all of mistakes.
I always behave really bad to you.
I know I really so very selfish.
I never thinking about of your--self.

behave of arbitrarily of me.
without thinking about feeling of you.
and I always make heartbroken of you.
crying everytime of all of nights.

and my the ruthless selfishness this time.
so really cannot forgiven it is.
and maybe your heart has been refusing.
opening again of your pardon door.

and my the ruthless selfishness this time.
has been making of you’re going farther.
and doing of all it is by yourself.
and leaving me here alone with loneliness.

and I implore, I implore of you.
implore of you, implore back to be-side on me.
I really not want to lost again.
lost of your soul, and lost returned, a-gain again.

and I implore, I implore of you.
please hear of it, and accept of de-mand from me.
that all of it, for the sake of you.
for sake of good and for your soul too. My loved.

I know it is, it all already has belated.
I know it is, all of it already has happened.
and for myself, now really really so regretting.
and that should have, the all of this really not happened.

the only way, the way of which I was always do.
the only way, the way of which make you to live back.
and that should have, this is really should not be do it.
but for the sake of you, it all I will be do it.


from Damnation Power (4th Album), track released May 23, 2017
Dwi Kashiwagi | 2017



all rights reserved


Dwi Kashiwagi Indonesia

Vocaloid Music Producer. Most Used: SeeU, UNI, Cyber Diva, Miku, Gumi, Luka

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